FARAME was founded in 1983, it studies, makes and commercializes its complete logistic equipment, fixed or mobile(on wheels), wires and tubes made out of steel and aluminium, for internal or external use (container for transport and storage, trolleys for customers in shopping centers, specific trolleys for logistic services, standard or specific containers for car industry, containers for wine industry/production, 2 to 6 sides monobloc or foldable, rolling bases (bases on wheels), display elements, baskets, exhibition grids, ….).

FARAME combines flexibility and productivity thanks to its production constituted of experimented operators and robotized workshops on one hand, and on the other, its added value completely integrated, from  the specific study to the zinc or paint coating.

FARAME’s quality department keeps a daily close watch on the company’s functioning, according to the ISO normes, on the organisation but also on the prime materials used for the production.




For mass marketing, food industry or specialized shops (gardening, do-it-yourself,…): customers’ trolleys of 20L up to 260L, logistic equipment for supply (bases on wheels, …., linear equipment,…)


FARAME offers a well-known savoir-faire in study and conception of containers dedicated to automobile process: standard containers for stockage, specific containers for positioning, pieces and subsets transport for manual or automate constructor process.

Rolls and containers dedicated to the flow of internal and external specific products, needing particular options or making, adapted to constraints operators have met. 
Fixed or on wheels materials, standard or specific, dedicated to internal flow or external flow of products for customers’ delivery.


 FARAME aims to be considered as a worldwide and perennial reference in the making and selling of material for mass distribution, industry and services, in respect of mankind(human beings), environment, quality and standards in use for the security of the users.
  • Preserve its profitability and durability thanks to a structured organization where each colleague fully uses his competences
  • Maintain the clients’ confidence, meeting their needs rapidly and efficiently in the most competitive conditions
  • Offer innovating and quality products and services 
  • Anticipate clients’ needs after having studied their own final clients expectations
  • Adopt sustainable development
  • Respect the European standards in the matter of raw material ’s quality and security of users
  • Seriously make sure regulations in use and to come are respected