Basket for shelf space

Basket for shelf space


Storing baskets are stackable and are perfect to put and expose small products. The coating is zinc-plated or painted and vertical dividers are available as option.

Code nº Dimensions in mm Weight Kg
External dim. Internal dim.
378 630x647x400 570x635x362 5,20
643 635x400x330 623x375x318 4,80
725 635x450x250 623x438x238 3,00
8067 635x400x264 623x375x238 2,70
8107 635x526x364 623x514x318 5,40
8109 485x400x284 473x375x238 2,30

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Vertical dividers
Code nº External dim. mm
395 640x370
644 300x369
726 450x250
8068 373x216
8108 495x300