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About Farame

For your turnkey storage solution,

think about Farame

Since its creation in 1983, Farame has developed, manufactured and commercialised complete ranges of fixed and on-wheels logistics products for transport and storage. Our products are designed to meet the needs and requirements of your area: Logistics, Automotive, Industry, Wine-growing, Food-processing.

We combine flexibility and productivity thanks to our manufacturing team composed of experienced collaborators and automated workshops on the one hand, and on the other thanks to all of our added value, fully integrated from the specific study to its zinc coating or painted finishing on the other.


Automated production workshop

Guarantee of repeatability, quality, efficiency; for small and large series


Prototype workshop

Research and development of customized solutions


Expert design office

located in Portugal and France


Integrated surface treatment

Integrated surface treatment



Lisbon, optimal for exportations



Preserve profitability and sustainability through a structured organisation where each employee successfully expresses their skills


Maintain customer confidence, responding to their needs quickly, efficiently and ain competitive ways


Offer innovative and quality products and services


Offer innovative and quality products and services


Operate in line with sustainable development


Respect European standards for the quality of raw materials and human safety


Actively monitor current and future regulations and norms

Farame is a member of ARYES Group
(Turnover 350M€) since 2012.